Friday, July 17, 2009

be kind

as the queen of my domain, sometimes i have to take off my crown and put on the invisible cap of humility. i try to live by the kind, be honest and be true. this is a three part kind to others, be honest with others and be true to myself. it is easy to be kind...just smile and be to be honest with others while still being kind...hmmm...this takes a bit of thought before i act...but then to be true to myself? this is the toughest one for me...sometimes i will sacrifice my own comfort for the comfort of others. i try on a daily basis to take care of myself while considering the needs of others...yet...considering others needs while i am taking care of myself...i guess that is the balancing act that a humble queen must learn.


  1. yes, that is very difficult thing!

    Beaautiful piece - I admire how you layered different materials.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Well, I am just too slow to catch on - now remembering your comment and your 30 days of creating . . . that is how you are getting so much work done and how I've missed so much! I applaud you! This piece is gorgeous, really gorgeous, and your post about it so full and meaningful and I think I would have run out of umph by now if I were you. I am amazed!


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