Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fear Nothing

what a powerful message this girl is presenting today. it was amazing to watch the process behind this piece. she started out just with the message of fear in her chest and as the piece progressed it was truly not what she wanted to say...then the word 'nothing' was screaming to be shown someplace on the artwork...ahhh...once the message said 'fear nothing' the piece felt complete. what i have to remember on a daily basis is that...i am enough and i do enough...then the fears disappear...there is no room in my day for procrastination...only excitement for what is being offered to me...i have to constantly choose between fear and excitement..sometimes they appear very away i face the day...not filled with fear, but with anticipation of what the day will do what is in front of me and have faith that all is well...if i am true to myself and kind to day will be overflowing with gifts....yes, fear nothing is the way to go today!!!


  1. What a great piece of art. Have a great week end. Enjoy Sat. and make some extra art for me, I'll miss you. Talk to you when I get back. Lots of love Lorrie

  2. Love this piece! love your work.

    About fear, I always say stare fear right in the face and say I know you are there trying to get me distracted about something that isn't real. Eventual when you don't give a dam and you are not afraid, the fear goes away. When I fear about something I worry about I try to understand why the fear is there in the first place and once I do, I can work with it by being kind to myself and knowing that I am good enough!!

    Thanks for visiting!

    Much love
    and colorful sweet days for you!

  3. Hi there, I just found your art and am loving it! I'll be back often to see what you have created!! :) Silke

  4. I love your Fear Nothing angel and have enjoyed reading your blog. I invite you (and your friends) to visit my and participate in the project....healing the world with our art and words. You are so gifted in both it would be wonderful to have you participate...if you really goes along with your blog today(at least for me).to fear nothing and to start this project and to not be afraid to ask others to join in. Many blessings to you and thanks for sharing your blog.

  5. Wow! I just stopped by your blog for the first time, and I love it! I love your what you have to say, and I really connect with the Fear Nothing piece. Your artwork is just wonderful! I will definitely be back!


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