Thursday, July 9, 2009

a bird in the hand

on my journey of "one project a day" for thirty days i have learned a few things about myself. i did not realize how much emotional processing i was doing through my art. i thought i was just making art. as i am creating a piece of work (or play) a day i am realizing that my emotional journey is being logged as well. this piece "a bird in the hand" represents my feelings about action. i can wish for something, even pray for it...but if i have no action around that certain something, nothing can really happen. if i want to sell art, yet do not promote it...hmmmm...if i want to have more fun, yet sit at home...hmmmm..well, you get the picture. this adorable queen is holding the rose of wishes, the bird of action is tapping her on the shoulder to remind her she needs to do some work to achieve her goals, and on the bottom is the reminder of so many memories of the good things there are in life to be grateful for...maybe she will smile when she gets into action and reaps those benefits!

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  1. What a good lesson for all of us, that we must be proactive in our lives. Thank you for the invite last night that got me out of the house and regenerated. Have a lovely day.


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