Friday, July 10, 2009

Come Out and Play

life has so much to offer. sometimes i get so stuck in my comfort zone that i am fearful to try something new. this piece is about how glorious i feel when i do cut myself out of the norm and try. i get fearful of what? i am not sure...but i know how freeing it is,how victorious i feel, when i do finally step out and try that "something new". sometimes it is as simple as changing my daily schedule or trying a new element in my artwork...other times it is as frightening as jumping out of an airplane. what i know is life is exciting when i am on the edge of it...not nestled down in my comfort zone of the ordinary. this vintage boy has been cut out of his normal surroundings and is wearing a fun hat to celebrate his new triumphs!!! life is be more exciting and i have a lot more fun when i am living it!!!
a game i play with myself (and i was gently reminded of this game by a dear friend yesterday) is...i complete this statement..."If I were not afraid today I would..." . let me know how you would complete this sentence! Enjoy life to the fullest, it is your life.


  1. If I was not afraid today I would make a phone call that I've been putting off.

  2. I miss our morning chats LM. And that note will be with me forever. If I were not afraid I would go back to school! That took me a minute. Yup I would take my digital work to the next level.
    Love ya!

  3. Wasn't it you who sent me a quote by Eleanor one thing each day that terrifies you??
    Love you bunches!

  4. What a great prompt and lovely piece of art and lovely post! Wish I could see this up close - it looks so lovely and rich and full of depth and gorgeous little details!


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