Monday, July 20, 2009

windows to the soul

the eyes are the windows to the soul. it amazes me what can happen when you look someone in the eyes. if i am walking and i see a stranger walking toward me, they appear lost in their world and without expression for my presence..but the moment there is eye contact, their facial expressions change, they smile from the inside out and we have just made a difference in each others lives. oh my goodness, what a feeling. it reminds me that we can walk through this world making a difference or not...the choice is ours. i choose today, to make that difference in as many lives as i can. a gentle smile, a genuine greeting and that split second it takes to look into someone's eyes...i can make a difference...gotta love life!!!


  1. I'm back. Alone in the woods for 3 days,no ones eyes to look into except my husbands. How often do I really look into those? Hmm? Food for thought. Your post always do that to me.

  2. I learn this lesson from my sister...when I go home to China eye contact is truly when in the states I really try to exercise eye contact. Yesterday, as we were leaving the neighborhood of our new house, 3 tough looking guys were hanging out on the corner...I smiled and waved...they returned the husband asked me if I knew them..."not yet, but they look like good guys to have on my side."...the eyes definitely have it!!! Love you!


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