Sunday, July 19, 2009

oh my goodness..if this piece does not just stare you right in the face! welcome to my life...right many ideas floating around me...inside and outside my head...and so little time! it is a constant inner battle...i wanna just hunker down in my studio and play all day...yet i have a full time job...children...a husband...a know the tale all too well i am sure. so this piece came blurting out of me, the ideas have manifested themselves as balloons, i think i am afraid that if i do not grab those ideas immediately, they will float away...out of reach...then i get a sense of urgency that will not let me sleep...i just wanna go play! so...i better go make the coffee, walk the dog and get ready for work...ha! there are more ideas coming...right?


  1. You absolutely ROCK!!!! I love your art and the concept of 30 days of creating with what you already have! I need to try that,I am like a kid in a candy store any time I go to an art supply shop.

  2. I just found your blog through Silke's, and I LOVE your art. I'll be back.

    Best wishes from Wisconsin,

  3. I know just how you feel! But this is lovely! Keep on keepin' on! You amaze me!

  4. Love this piece!!

    Love love for you!!!!!

    Sweet BLESSINGS!


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