Sunday, July 12, 2009

gratitude doll

this gratitude doll is actually out of sequence...the mixed media piece that it was made from should have come first but i ran out of batteries in the camera before i could get a shot of will be posted tomorrow...welcome to my life...
part of this "one project a day" for thirty days is that i cannot buy anything new for my projects...i must use the supplies already present in my studio...this doll is made from some scrap fabric that i had about, and she is stuffed with a cotton dress that was tossed aside by someone...i did not have the stuffing from the craft store that i usually i got creative...i love what she represents...
i was given some vintage photos from the depression era...when i look at this photo...and now this reminds me how much i have to be grateful for...i can take a shower everyday, i have a great house to come home to daily, my meals are balanced and i buy them at a clean grocery those are just a few of the things that this struggling family did not have and i totally take for granted...i expect those things in my life. one exercise i do on a daily basis is my gratitude list...i name three things that i am grateful for today...i would love to hear what you are grateful for... a special thanks to tara ross for the inspiration for this fun doll


  1. What a challenge, not to buy anything to add to your art work. I am running to the store daily! I admire you. Today I am grateful for peace of mind and that morning cup of coffee.

  2. i think that she's fabulous!! and, oh how i admire you for taking on this go girl! and, i know that the rules say that you're not allowed to buy anything, but if you need to "borrow" anything, just call me....i have so much stuff i need to take this challenge too! :))

    and, today i'm grateful for such sweet bloggers like yourself visiting my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment....thanks for making my day! :)

  3. Hi, Thanks for your lovely comment on my junk journal pages, there are 50 pages so it is going to be hard for me to find things to do that are not doing the same over and over...I love this doll made from your artwork, really great, and your art is so meaningful! it all...xx


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