Monday, July 6, 2009

the queen of dreams

"the queen of dreams" this mixed media collage has been inspired by marsha sayer jorgensen's work. i just had to do a piece of art with my adorable sister jennifer being the queen. this was a blast to make! i cut a few things out of a magazine, took a fun photo of sissy's face and just had a blast embellishing. this too is part of the "one project a day". yes i am still enjoying the gets me in my studio matter what life is trying to demand of me...


  1. Oh, it's wonderful! I love the whimsical background and lovely colors. Your sister is sure to love it! Yummy as can be!

    Thank you for visiting my blog - it is a rather boring place to visit while I am out of town (well, more boring than usual anyway) Your blog is lovely and I look forward to visiting regularly! I'm off to snoop around a bit more!


  2. What a treat to see you using the techniques we read about together! You are such an inspiration to me as you continue to grow and spread your wings. You are a woman I admire! Much love!


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