Tuesday, July 7, 2009

watch and be excited

"one project a day" is still entertaining me...this piece really speaks to me about how i am supposed to be looking at my life...i do not know what is going to happen...so i best to just be excited...right? right. my darling husband has gone back to school and is now and ESL instructor in Berkeley...how exciting...but it is more like a part time job than i am comfortable with financially..so i do not know what is next...do we need to relocate? do i need to market my art more to have that income? do we tighten the belt even tighter? i do not have the answers...now i am just going to watch and be excited to see how life unfolds for us.
one idea has come to surface for me...now that i am doing this "one project a day" for thirty days i have even more fun artwork to share....soooo...i am turning those projects into mailart how fun is that? so if you are interested in any of the projects, send me 5 dollars and i will mail it off to you...now this is exciting!!!

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  1. To be excited about life as you wait for the answers is a great goal. I'm sure your art work will help you to stay focused on that goal and not get to impatient. Remember the importance of the NOW.


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