Monday, August 31, 2009

Creating My Own Life

i know that i have the power to create my own life...i choose to create a positive day today. my life is so good...and there are certain things that i must do on a daily basis to keep it that way. i must remain in gratitude, mind my own business, be kind, be honest, be true...pray, meditate and trust that i will be better than "just ok" today. so i am looking forward to enjoying the GREAT day that i have created for myself today!


  1. These posts about growing, creating and gratitude are terrific! These are the exact same issues I'm dealing with right now, too, so it's like you're reading my mind.

  2. I'm back. The power of choice is so great. Yes I chose to have a good week end and yes I did. No matter that the wind blew and you could hardly hear yourself think. It was a beautiful get away.

  3. Very inspiring! I really enjoyed reading each description of what your art portrays!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lorrie Marie,
    A dear friend of yours and mine contacted me and she has bought one of my prints to send you. Can you please email me your mailing address?
    Aren't people just sometimes so suprisingly nice? I hadn't even gotten a chance to write you personally and thank you for your idea!

  5. I absolutely agree! You always talk about things I feel on a daily basis. It helps to see others have the same issues too. :)


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