Friday, August 21, 2009

no corset for me

i have to say this piece fills me with gratitude that i can play all day today in my patched up old blue jeans with red suspenders, a black and white striped shirt and a pair of sandals that are comfy as all get out! corset for me!!


  1. ok Darling I am getting a TOTAL visual . The pants ,the suspenders the striped shirt. Just got back from my week with Cal and we will begin our new life together working our program. He has a new bus. idea he is going to come out with a readers digest condensed version its called just do the easy parts TEE HEE. I love that he has his humor back. PS do you do a class in altered clothes it would be a good one

  2. Every time I visit I am amazed at the beauty of your work and your ability to make so much, each one as beautiful as the last! Amazing, I say! You knock my socks off.

    Your wardrobe sounds perfect too!

  3. Wish I could have joined you for the day. Look forward to our visit tomorrow.

  4. Your outfit sound fa-u-lus...corsets, girdles even panty hose...gone, gone, I "just let it all hang out!" Love that old song! Enjoy your weedkend.


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