Sunday, August 2, 2009

party hat

this is my life...'i was invited to party...i didn't go...i stayed at home and wore my party hat' i get invited to events by people i love but it is soooo hard to drag myself out of the house. i am happiest at home, with my family and in my studio. it is part of that whole balance thing i guess.
we had our yArt sale yesterday and it was more than successful...thank you everyone for your positive energy.
i have two days left in the 'a project a day' for thirty an accomplishment! now what? i am going to put on my party hat and play in my studio...of course!


  1. Sounds like a great plan to me. Congrats on your yart could only have been successful because people couldn't resist your wonderful talent. I concur, I too love being at home and happy in my studio...the best place in the world!

  2. I love this piece! I so relate too. I like just staying home and going with the flow - making art on a schedule is not easy to do so if I'm in the mode, boy, you'd better have a tow truck ready to pull me away. Another wonderful post and lovely, lovely work.


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