Saturday, August 1, 2009

To Sell or not To Sell...

that is the question! i spent the whole day yesterday cleaning the house (with the help of my darling husband) and getting ready for the yArt sale for today. i had a couple of minutes last night to creep quietly into my studio and apply a few more patches onto my fun jeans. i have had these jeans for years and re-patch frequently. i think i am ready to part with these jeans for a few bucks but cannot imagine what i will wear in their place. logically i know i can make more...but will i miss these jeans too much? sell or not to sell...that is the question. anyway...the yArt sale starts at ten...wish me good luck!!!


  1. Have a great and successful day...wish I could attend!

  2. i think that i'd have a hard time giving those fabulous jeans up, too! they are really cute! i hope that your yArt sale goes great! :)

  3. Oh I hope you didn't sell them! They look like such wonderful jeans to create in! Those are precious to be sure. I want some!


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