Friday, August 28, 2009

Say What You Mean

today i am practicing....'say what i mean'...i am going to use as few words as possible to make myself clear...sometimes less is better...and i am not going to assume that the person (i.e. my darling husband) can read between the lines. sounds so easy...hmmmm...i have a tendancy to candy coat what i am trying to say...especially if i need something...then the message is unclear, murky...then i do not get what i am trying to ask for and i leave my husband dazed and i will communicate clearly and say what i mean...


  1. I learned that lesson many years ago. I realized that I just "assumed" my husband, now ex, knew what I wanted...most men our not psychic!!! Now I say what I mean as does my wonderful husband...a lesson he too learned in the past. Have a great weekend!

  2. Ha, I'm learning that as well! Not always easy to be sure.

    Love this one. Especially the froggy face/hat/suit she is wearing with the crown on top. Awesome!

  3. okay...I'm guilty of that as well, and men definitely need things spelled out for them, they're not very good a nuances!

  4. Ha! Ha! That sounds familiar. I always think my partner can read between the lines and understand what I am not saying. I have learnt he does not do that.


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