Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Read My Lips

communication is still at the top of my list of lessons for today...i love face to face visits....i love the internet, don't get me wrong...but oh...a hot cup of coffee with a friend? you can't beat it! i am also learning that my loved ones hear me more clearly when they can see my face,my lips. i am trying very hard to concentrate on what i am saying and how i am saying it. if people can see what i am saying i have a much better chance of being heard. so, i need to slow down a bit, face who i am talking to, speak clearly and enjoy the results of being heard. love it!!!


  1. I like the new eyes, wide open and attentive. Yes face to face visits are nice. Nothing beats a real hug. Have a great day.

  2. i'm with you!! there's nothing better than a good 'ol fashioned chat....face-to-face! :)


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