Friday, January 29, 2010

back in the saddle again?

thank you to all you bloggers that have sent their love during this painful time...losing two moms in ten days? crazy...i hope to get back into my studio today, but truly my heart is not in it...yet. i want to sit and stare into space with no purpose at all. my darling husband has told me we will scoop up the dog and drive to arizona if my dad needs us there. my baby sister heads back to china on saturday and my older siste flies in from michigan soon after dad will be alone for a few days and i worry about him. i want him to move in with us in sunny (?) california...we have the room...time will tell, right?

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  1. A trip to AZ? Your father living with you? Much is going on inside your head. We need to talk. I miss you. Hopefully will see you Tuesday.


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