Saturday, January 30, 2010

mo' skins

ahhh...yesterday was a good day and i suspect today will be good as well...i have no stuffing and i have no black thread...but i got skins! i have a ten o'clock date with my husband at a local coffee shop to start our living will and our power of attorney paper work. amazing what a couple of deaths can do to a person...grown up? i guess it is time! it is more than wonderful to be back in my studio!!! may god bless you today as well.


  1. Yes I was talking with my aunt a medical social worker-I'm doing the living trust when I get home also. It is important. Enjoy the coffee also!

  2. Hey lady, I am so sorry you have been going thru a sad ordeal. I am sending positive thoughts to you today. I was in Berzerkley today. WOW!! What a place! Tons of college students everywhere, and tons on bikes and scooters and, WOW!! I saw some very cool looking coffee houses(I think)for sitting in and drinking coffee and working in my journal. I have to go to Berkeley Lab when I do go up there, and that put me on College and Ashby and Piedmont. Maybe next time I come up we can get together for a minute at one of those fab coffee joints!! It is only 84 miles from home!! Sharon


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