Saturday, February 13, 2010

listing on etsy....what a drag!

i know that marketing is an important part of this thing...but the whole thing is a drag...i just spent over an hour taking photos of some mini monsters, editing them, and listing them in my etsy shop. this is totally not the fun part! i would so rather be hold up in my studio with my recycled fabric, sewing machine and fun music...SO...i listed four items, (three to go) and i am taking a break from the grown up part...gotta go play!!! have a play date scheduled with some fun girls today....ahhhh....i love play dates!


  1. Yeah I feel the same way...wish it could be easier!
    Hope you have a great time with the girls!

  2. Did the same thing this week. I hate having to list, and then come up with something clever to say about my work...sometimes, I just don't want to think about it, but it's all part of getting your work out there, seen and purchased...that's the grown up thing!! Go back to your little happy place, put on some great music and create. Will be giving my honey his Vern doll tomorrow...can't wait to see his expression!!


  3. i'm with you, sweet friend.....all of the "behind the scenes work" takes SO much time!! so glad you have a play date to look forward to....have lots of fun, and happy valentine's day!! :))


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