Thursday, February 4, 2010

monsters, monsters and more monsters!!!

my name is ODELIA
i want to be a nurse when i grow upbut I faint at the sight of blood
I want to play the tuba
but my wimpy arms are too weak to hold up a tuba
I am charming in my own way
my name is ODELIA
things are back to normal around here...i guess
i have been contacted by a boutique in san francisco and also one in washington...they are asking for my monster dolls and my key monsters....i am very excited about both of these venues...but i am overwhelmed by the fact that now i must find more time to do the things i want to do...and the things that need doing....i.e. my job, my house, my family, my cooking, my exercise....blah get the message. the daily choices of i ever find balance?


  1. It's time to move forward in your artistic life!! 'nuf said. Sharon

  2. Yeah on the boutiques wanting your monsters. I'm so glad you are not tired of them. It was so good connecting with you last night. See you Sunday?

  3. Way to go Life gives us difficult times and then the treats !!! I call them the little highlights here and there and sometimes they are big highlights!!Thinking of you> Hugs Julie

  4. I see a keep running out of stuffing...hmmmmm...hidden message???
    Love you bunches!!!


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