Tuesday, March 30, 2010

customized monster with heart...what?

These 'monsters with heart' have really caught on. i am now taking them to another level! i am customizing them with the name of your choice. the space on their back is not large so i am suggesting you use a nick name.
these mini monster key fobs are 4'-5' tall. they are green creations, made with recycled material, found buttons, thread, key rings, lost and found keys. their outfits are always fun, their arms compliment their outfits, but they are too long and they do not match. they have mismatched buttons eyes.(some have missing eyes, some have eye patches) they have scary sharp teeth that i have drawn on and shadowed with indian ink, and each monster has a heart! there is a name patch on their backs so that i hand stamp a heart and the (short) name of your choice. you can tell me if you want a boy or girl monster...but other than that...hmmm....they are all equally as adorable...or creepy! these monster, vampire, voodoo dolls look great hooked on back packs and purses. they will help you locate those keys you can never find...and they are always noticed in a crowd.
custom order a 'monster with heart' for a loved one....believe me...these are fantastic little guys!!!


  1. oh my you just continue to out do yourself...these are just too sweet, little monsters with heart :)

  2. Just came here from Diva's blog. These are just so fantastic and playful. What a great idea!

  3. can i just say that i NEEDED your mini monster key fobs today!!!!
    this was the PERFECT day to have run across your blog.
    i found you from a comment you made RIGHT ABOVE me on lilylovekin.s blog.
    so happy i did because those little guys ROCK!
    heading over to your etsy store sister.
    happy tuesday.

  4. Loving the minis-my thoughts are with you my friend and I'm praying for you and yours. Lorrie

  5. I love them! No doubt they are taking off!


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