Sunday, March 28, 2010

a gread day in martinez

a beautiful sunny day in martinez. the crowds were light but i sold lots of monsters....i took some unfinished monsters with me so i sat in the sun behind my table and visited with people, sewed, and sold lots of was a great day. every art fair i learn something...this time...i learned that people want mini monster dolls with customized names on time i will take some nameless dolls and stamp them right there for custom orders...i am a genius...sometimes...tee invited to another art fair in martinez in may and of course i said...YES...for i am a yes girl! had a great day....back to the real job today!


  1. congratulations sweety, I just knew you and your little monsters would do well! glad to hear you're having such a good time!

  2. Glad to hear you had a great day and what a wonderful new idea customized minis. Talk with you soon. much love---!

  3. Loved your Monsters: Just so you know your Bandit with the mask went to my Son other half who loved it so. I'm one that asked if you had one named Hans. My wonderful Son was taken from us because of a blood clot that formed 2 months after a knee surgery. At 35 he only wanted to get back into the sports he loved. No symptom nor did the Doctor at UCSF give him anything to look for also it was 2 months after the surgery. Anyway visit his web site maybe you will be inspired by my viking Son for some new little or big Monsters. Love you so much Deb and Don


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