Sunday, March 21, 2010


what a lovely day we had in the city!!! first the three of us met up in Orinda (I ofcourse went to wrong house and made a new friend...tee hee), then off the city of san francisco. we went to the jewish museum and saw the amazing exhibit that is artist has taken the book written by adolph hitler and had artists cover the ugly words with amazing, hopeful, and freeing art work. over 600 book pages are on display...i thought it would make me sad...but it did not. i was exhausted, but hopefull for the human race. love is the answer!
then off to lunch at mel's diner...always a fun experience! and THEN...we went to FLAX...a captivating art store in san francisco...i could send an entire day...and a paycheck or two there! we had lots of laughs, and when we parted i was full of love, peace, happiness and inspiration...nothing like a girl's day out!!!

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  1. Glad you went and had such a good time. My time was productive also , I am mostly packed and relaxed, after much running around.


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