Monday, March 22, 2010


another exciting week begins today...i am hoping for a bit more 'me' time this week. last week was filled with needy animals. my teenager, cameron, had his BIG dog spayed last week and it was really tough on all of us...poor girl! so stitches out tomorrow...and her energy seems to have returned...ahhh? the cat's eye is less swollen with the help of drops twice a day....thank you medical world!
i have over 80 monster dolls and i think i will be ready for the art fair this weekend in martinez, california...anybody in the area just feel free to stop on by...hoping for good weather.
AND...i have a homemade hula hoop...thanks to you tube...they are easy to make, and fun to play with....i need to wrap it in tape so it is not so darned slippery...but i love my hoop!!! never to old, right??

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  1. Yes another Monday Yuck!!! Can't do coffee have to work on Tuesday. Enjoy your day off.


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