Thursday, March 25, 2010

inspiration from others

i got up this morning and read 'Junker Jane's' blog ( and she talks about inspiration vs. copying....this really got me to thinking. i used 'junker jane's' monsters as a starting point for my monsters. i am so grateful that she has shared her monsters with me...and the world...they are amazing!!! she has shared her monster dolls freely, and i have been able to develop my own style around those.
i get people that say...oh i could make that...all the time...i just think...well....i hope you is great fun! my monster making has turned into an evening event between my husband and i...i make the skins...he stuffs them...i embellish them....this allows me to spend time with my husband while he watches movies...i keep myself more than entertained...and i truly love his company! all you artists that share your experience, strength and hope...keep inspiring others...i hope that in some small way i might inspire another human being today...whether it is a smile at hula hooping on my breaks...or my silly little monster key fobs....keep on is soul food....but remember to be grateful for those creative people around you...that are also willing to share...
thank you junker jane/catherine...for making my life better!!!

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  1. It is a precious gift when another artist inspires us to create and since I believe our talents are gifts from God they are meant to be shared! Love your little minster dolls :)


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