Friday, March 26, 2010

art fair tomorrow!

so....tomorrow is the big art fair in martinez....i have my 100 mini monster key fobs done...ahh! today i need to locate my business cards, table and fabric for the top of my table, oh, and lots of money for change. i need to be there at eight to set up and will come home after four. i am lucky to be involved with this art show...and i am grateful for the opportunity to sell my monsters! if you are in martinez, california tomorrow stop by 411 ferry street and see all the women with their art . it is going to be a fun day...long...but fun! lots of preparation has gone into this event...thank you ladies!!!
another exciting thing has happened in our home. my husband has just been hired by Trader Joe's. it is a great company and i truly think rob is going to enjoy his new adventure. i hope it will free up some brain space for him so that he can get back into his studio and start creating his amazing artwork...he has been in a slump for a couple years now.


  1. Oh, I so wish I could be in Martinez today, but alas I am still working in Anaheim. UGH! Good luck to you and give my best to your hubby. He is so fortunate to find new employment in these times. I predict all of your Monster's will be adopted early in the day, and you will have lots of time to go shopping yourself!! Good luck!! Have a great day!!

  2. We have a Trader Joe's here outside of Philadelphia and I love it. Every time I go (and I've been going for YEARS) I see a new product that I didn't notice before. The employees are so NICE and helpful. I'm sure your husband will love working there. It certainly is nice to free up brain power in order to get back to our creative roots :)


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