Monday, March 15, 2010

monday monday

oh yes it is monday....the cat's eye is swollen shut...the time change is making me crazy...we got a $15,000 quote for a new roof and my house is full of dust bunnies...soooooo...i am gonna make more monsters!!! yippeee!!! life is grand again today! my art fair is coming up quickly...i probably have 40 more monsters to make...i think i can...i think i can...i think i can! i get my inventory up and then i sell some of those little buggers...i love that....100 is the goal...100 shall be achieved. i wish all you fabric artists were closer so i could have some of your divine scraps. i am loving my monsters but this weekend when i played with the mixed media? ahhhh...i am going to be playing in that mixed media again...after 100!!!


  1. Ever thought of consolidating your dust bunnies and your monsters????!!!!??? That way you kill two birds with one stone!!! LOL

  2. 15,000!!!!!!!!Yikes that hurts. Sorry about tomorrow but I hope the cats eye is better soon.

  3. Yikes!! I hope your roof is not leaking right now. Love the Monster folk!! Good luck at the art fair. I would love to go to that.


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