Friday, March 19, 2010

Ric 1 and Ric 2

i am a dork! i sold Ric on Etsy yesterday and then went to the pile of monsters that have been listed on etsy and guess what? it appears that Ric was MIA!!! oh no!!! i emailed my buyer with my dilema...hmmmm she son specifically picked that one out...soooooo....i found some fabric to re make Ric. i am sending my buyer a photo of Ric 2 to see if the young lad will take my humble apologies and approve Ric 2. they seem pretty similar but you never know....wish Ric 2 luck on his possible adoption! oh and by the way....i am totally blaming the kitties for the monster knapping...and i will NOT pay the ransom!!!


  1. here's hoping Ric 2 finds himself in a happy home!!!

  2. Enjoyed my morning with you it had been much to long since our last visit.


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