Friday, April 16, 2010

change is good?

my husband worked his first night shift last night. i was looking forward to the alone time to work on my monster dolls....i have an art fair tomorrow in danville and i thought the time would be well spent. my teenager touched base with me when he got home from work....gathered his dog...and went about his life...hmmmm...i was left with me...and my dog, of course...but where was my motivation? i had a really hard time getting settled in with just me to motivate got to bed after midnight so he will sleep in this i must be self motivated again...where did it go? have i lost that too? (oh by the way...i did find the missing stamps and stamp pad) hopefully i will find my motivation today!

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  1. it.s all okay if you misplace your mind every now and then.
    we ALL do it.
    i do it on a daily basis actually.
    words just fly right out of my mind and never make it to my kiddos are always "filling in the blanks" for me or trying to guess what word it is i am trying to spit up from the depths of my memory.
    i find that busy creative women often feel this way.
    i should include, beautiful, smart, funny, busy, creative women!
    we can make it look as pretty as we want girlfriend.
    "ME TOO" you aren.t alone.
    good luck at your fair....wish i lived close to danville.
    happy monsters to one and all!


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