Wednesday, April 14, 2010

lost and never found

'of all the things i have lost....i miss my mind the most' has been a heck of a week....i have misplaced so many things this week....what is that about? i lost my wallet....i found that..thank goodnes....i lost a joann's gift card...not found..yet...and i lost my ink stamp pad, alphabet letters, and heart does a person do that? dunno...but i i have to head off to the craft store and replace them...i have an art fair this weekend and i am personalizing my mini monster dolls....with my alphabet stamps...yikes....what a week....when we went to bed last husband asked of me a huge favor....'don't lose anything tomorrow' he said....i will try! blah!


  1. sweetie it sounds like you are a bit overwhelmed! too much to do and distarctions are causing you to misplace things, take a deep breath, remember where you were when you last had the item and go back to that spot, it's right there...see it???

  2. sounds like you've got lots on your mind.....and as long as you have that and your wallet, you're in good shape!! :)))


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