Saturday, April 3, 2010

here we go again!!

so we had company for dinner last night...some dear friends from the oakland area. they have a fantastic open studios every year in june. my monsters and i have been invited to!!! it has been brought to my attention (again) that the larger monsters with heart are also favorites amongst all ages...especially with their own personal stories that i type on my old typewriter..soooooo....up early this morning cutting out fun monsters...i have lots of rescued fabric to use...that always makes for eclectic monsters with heart. so here we go again....the goal? who knows! i am off to the craft store to replenish my supply of thread, ink and is grand...again!


  1. Have a wonderful day creating your big and mini monsters.

  2. oh i love how you said..."life is grand...AGAIN!" that should be painted somewhere...
    how exciting to have your curious, charming monsters be invited to a party!!! can.t wait to see what they choose to wear.
    happy weekend to creative old you!

  3. It.s me AGAIN!
    just thanking you for your kind words on my blog and hopeful that you had a wonderful weekend.
    it went ENTIRELY too fast for me.
    just added my little ol name to your list of followers...(thought i had already done that but NOPE!)
    who WOULDn.T want to follow a happy delightful blog like yours.
    it.s simply charming.
    i love it.


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