Monday, April 12, 2010

there is always 'hope'

i am taking 'hope' with me today!
got to walk the dog in the rain this morning...i took an umbrella and i always love the sound of the rain against an umbrella. life is good as long as i remember that things are just as they are supposed to be at this moment.....and this moment....and this moment!
i have an art fair this weekend in danville, california...the event is indoors so the weather is not an issue. i have been busy making the larger monsters....i had forgotten how much fun it is too work on a larger 'canvas'.
life is fun and exciting darling husband starts a new job today...our schedules will be 5-1...him? 2-11...just think of all the dolls that are going to come to life!
i am grateful today!


  1. "Hope" and "be in the moment"...."in the moment"....I have been reminding myself of these things today also.
    ................and I LOVE the doll!


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