Monday, May 31, 2010

a day to remember our loved ones....

i did get to work today...but this evening i have had a bit of time to reflect on this memorial the past i thought it was strictly for our armed forces that have passed on..those that have protected their country in some form....i do not know if that is true or not....but today....i am remembering all my loved ones...those that are still walking on this earth and those that are not....i am blessed with so many wonderful people. thank you all for being part of my life is richer because of the people that surround me...their love, thoughts, inspirations, experiences and patience.
i have been trying to figure out whether to contact my is now working up to six weeks since he left. what i know is when the answer comes on what i need to do....i cannot 'not' do it. what became clear to me is this...NO ONE should ever feel like their mother does not love them....NO ONE...i wanted to make sure that cameron knows that i deeply love him....mad at him? perhaps...but i love him....anyway...i texted him...with no expectations....i told him i was holding him in my heart today and i loved him deeply...and to my surprise...he texted you too through? i think not....but atleast he knows in his heart that his mother loves him....quite a memorial day!


  1. I'm glad you had that connection-you must have slept better last night.

  2. you have absolutely made my day with the sweet story of your cameron!!! i know that this is a difficult time for the two of you, but love will always find a way to make it better!! i hope you have a wonderful week ahead! :)))


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