Saturday, May 29, 2010

steam punk hamlet??

yesterday my darling husband and i had the day off together....i played with my 'other' best friend until he got up...we got a text in the middle of the day....'i just found a 'steampunk hamlet' wanna go? hecks yeah! it was a very small theatre in concord that i did not even know existed. the actors were steampunk attire. the delivery of the play was magnificent!!! i am so glad i peeled myself out of the house for this play!
earlier in the day i finished my youngest sons birthday present. it has been over five weeks since i have seen him or heard from him...but his birthday is june 5th..sooo....i made him a secret compartment book. i will gather a little 'care' package of deodorant, facial wash, toothpaste, etc...and drop it off at the house he is living in. no need to see him until he is ready...but it is...after all...his 17th birthday...and i love him dearly!


  1. Steam punk Hamlet that must have been fun! My visit with you was just what I needed thank you for sharing your day. all my love-----

  2. Oh my goodness--another amazing blog I've found--thank you for sharing your wonderful art --I am a follower!!


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