Friday, May 28, 2010

ordered but not adopted :(

how sad is this....someone on etsy fell in love with 'bella' a full sized 'monster with heart' doll....she custom ordered a mini monster looking like 'bella'...i appropriately named her 'baby bella'. she is a key fob and adorable. i sent the buyer a photo...she loved her...when it came down to her placing the order and paying through pay sorry....too much going on in my her...don't want 'baby bella' is heart broken and up for adoption again....i will put her in my etsy shop and hope the best for her. it happens i know....i just feel bad for 'baby bella'


  1. i have a family portrait reserved in my shop and am beginning to wonder if the same thing is going to happen with that. it's been there a week and followed up by sending a paypal invoice and have heard nothing. :(
    poor baby bella. i'm sure someone will take her home.

  2. Baby Bella is so cute!!! She'll find a home in no time.


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