Friday, June 18, 2010

meet the girls

ahhhh....i have been playing with my mixed media and it feels good....the room is full of fabric but my heart is not in the dolls right now....i have a couple of fairs coming up....hmmmmm....i am thinking of taking tiny easels and setting up the girls as 'small art'...they are also greeting cards with a place to write a greeting on the much will someone pay for a 'small art' mixed media piece? hmmm....i never know how to price things!
the image on the left is on an easel and has been glazed with organic honey bee that wax....she is now listed on etsy for 22.....good luck to her!!
i have a good inventory of the dolls to sell....and the mixed media is screaming my name right have today off with my darling husband and we are going to play...together...separately....ha! have a great weekend!

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  1. I love them. I have mine finally on the easel..she looks right at home with her other little muse friends!!



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