Saturday, June 19, 2010

oh no ....not the sewing machine again!!! i have a million projects going at one time and that darned sewing machine will not leave me alone!!! so this is my first real attempt at quilting-applique..this is a purse for your favorite teacher! i had some apple away i went...her face is appliqued on (complete with sexy lips and sunglasses) and then she has crazy, loopy hair...i love her, but i hope she does not live here long! she took a while to make...will i try again? who knows...but i love her just the same!


  1. OMG--this is just so cool--thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning :)

  2. your bags are AMAZING!
    how i LOOOOOOVE this!
    (i just posted mine/
    although i didn't make it!).
    dancing for your talent!!

  3. Just too cute, Lorri. I love to machine applique. Last applique I did was for my grandson's Under Dog cape for Christmas...was lots of fun and even more fun to watch him run around the house with it on. Have a great week.


    Your little girl has her own place on her easel now hanging out with friends and muses.


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