Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ahhh....a day off??

i swear...we work harder on our days off don't we? well mine started out with savannah needing to start her day at three...doesn't she take a day off? got 'judo' off on his journey to new mexico, dropped a self addressed envelope off to a shoppe in washington (hoping that will make it easier for them to send the check that has been promised since august)...cleaned out a drawer and made up a 'freebie' box by the road...went to the middle school to teach eighth graders how to make secret compartment books, (this was our second out of three classes)...the kids are great!!!
then it was nap time...ahhh indeed! then i finished this reconstruction job on a pair of jeans that belong to a coworker. the length was too short for her,sooo, viola...capris. And, there was a gaping rip in the upper left thigh....what a great place to have fun with 'LOVE' patches.
i wanted to share my day with you....and now i am going to call in DONE!
enjoy is pretty terrific!!

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