Tuesday, October 19, 2010

judo moves to new mexico!

etsy has been very good to me....little judo has just been adopted by a family in new mexico....he starts his road trip tomorrow. how exciting for him/her...gender is to be determined by his new family.
had a great day today...started in the usual fashion of walking the dog at three this morning...usual work day....then off to my american sign language class. i am having a blast learning a foreign language, but the quizzes just about paralyze me. well i got a terrific grade on my latest quiz. my teacher said she was very proud of me....me too!!! then home to daily chores here and i even got to do a haircut. (another fun thing i get to do...and make money too) cleaned out another drawer and now exhausted i blog....but i did it today, right? sweet dreams to all!

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  1. I love hearing about your day, keep up this daily blogging thing.


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