Sunday, October 17, 2010

a monster in a tutu?

here is one of my latest creations...i am still making the mini monsters with heart...key fobs....i have several fairs coming up...and once again...i think these 200 monsters will be my last...tee hee!
had a great to work and to go over to an artist friend's of mine for our monthly play date...ahhhhh! the ride over and back was gave me time to visit with one of my favorite people...and then a few hours of playing, creating, laughing and being inspired by the girls.
we have a big book project where we take turns filling the pages with our own is my turn again, so i will get some photos for you...hope your weekend was grand!!!


  1. I LOVE your monsters! Mine sit on my desk at work so I can see them every day :)

  2. What a wonderful ride I had yesterday.


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