Monday, October 18, 2010

halloween time!!

this divine, creepy photo was taken by my darling husband in his divine!!! the sun was just right to capture the spider web in its full array of chaos!
we have, as empty nesters, to sell the big house and move into a smaller house with a smaller yard....and smaller monthly payments! we are going to rent for a while and TRAVEL! there is a whole world out there...rob and i great traveling partners, soooo....i am purging the house, one drawer at a time. we will list the house right around the thanksgiving holiday...we are very excited!!! it feels a bit naughty, not doing what my parents did....hold the same job for life, (be a company man), buy a house...even pay that house off in my life time...hmmmm...
so we are on to the next chapter of our lives! create your own joy!!!

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  1. Its a big decision to make and I'm so glad you are excited about it as you should be. I'm happy for you.


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