Saturday, January 8, 2011

terrible tragedy

i am proud of myself for not following the news....i am just better off not knowing all the bad news...but today is a sad day in arizona....the shooting of their congresswoman. i would not know about this event except my eldest son was first on the scene as an EMT and a Firefighter. i got to speak with him this evening...he is a good man...i am glad he was there to help others...but this event has changed the lives of many, many people.
i am praying for all the loved ones that have been affected...
and i am proud to be Jeremy's Mom!
here is a photo of Jeremy, his wife Jeannie, daughters Sophia and Violet.
I am in love with this family!

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  1. I'm so sorry that Jeremy had to be witness to all that pain and chaos. But he was blessed to have you to turn to when he needed to talk. Thank goodness you were able to be there for him. I'll send prayers to all those hurt by this awful thing. Lorrie


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