Saturday, January 8, 2011

yikes....a foto AND a biography....blah!

i have been asked to teach a mixed media class at Arts Benicia, here in town. they need a photo and a biography....ooooo....not so good at that....all info was on my husband's computer that crashed after a power surge a couple months ago....
so winging it at it's finest...
i took a photo of myself in my bathroom this morning and made an attempt at a bio....blah!

My motto is ‘Winging It”

Lorri-Marie, a self taught artist, has been a part of the Benicia Community for over 20 years. From managing First Street CafĂ©, to being a chef there…then she opened her own catering company, “some enchanted eatings’, then on to having an art gallery in the home she shares with her artist-husband Rob Jenkins.

After raising four boys, she found a lot of creative time on her hands. Being a woman of great ideas and little money, she chose ‘found object’ artwork.

Lorri-Marie started creating found object sculptures in 2004. She now finds great pleasure in mixed media collage work, fiber work and just playing with what other people consider ‘trash’.

She loves sharing her ideas, her supplies, and her studio with other playful artists. She finds that she is usually the student, not the teacher!


  1. This paragraph says so much and says so little. Yeah for teaching another class. Best of wishes on the house I'm sending good vibes.

  2. Love it, Lorri!! Also, I love the idea you took your portrait shot in the lew!! LOL What a great sense of humour!!

    Congrats and and Happy New Year.


  3. And I hear it is off and running and loads of fun! Go LMJ!!!!


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