Friday, May 6, 2011

Let It Go!!

letting go of things that we worry about is so hard to do...yet we know that worrying about them solves nothing and we make ourselves a wreck in the process....sooo...i created a 'let it go! box', or book really. i love altering books...they just feel so great...lots of energy locked up inside from so many people that have read it, or owned it, or even just leafed through its pages.
this 'let it go! box' has a slit in the top so that you can write your worries on a piece of paper and slip it inside the box. the box does not open so you cannot 'take it back' either! sometimes i have to write the same thing down several times....trying to let it go each time!


  1. What a great name for your book, it works for everybody. I love the butterfly a wonderful symbol of troubles flying away.

  2. Lori, what an "Einsteinian" idea!! I think I'm going to make one, but gratefully, I haven't much to worry!! LOL However, there's always tomorrow!

    Love the idea and think I'm going to make one for my daughter and my little guys...the oldest grandson, 11 years, worries lots...too young for such things.

    Have a great week.


  3. I once went to an art show in berkley where the woman did and insecurity blanket I will never forget the idea of it ... think aobut it !!!


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