Wednesday, July 27, 2011


this is my latest mixed media piece....'Listening'...i love her...i have been teaching mixed media for several months now and the class has pushed me to limits that i would never have reached left to my own devices....i love teaching but i challenge myself way more than i challenge the has been great for my own development....i have some down time today so i am using it to play on my computer....enjoy your day!!


  1. I've missed you and your little darlings. How wonderful you have the opportunity to teach your's such a gift to others, even though there are some monetary benefits!! LOL

    Hope to see more of your work. Take care.


  2. Teaching is an amazing experience, one learns more about oneself than you ever teach the student.

  3. Hi Lorri-Marie,
    I just discovered that I might have an out-of-date phone # for you, so I looked you up on the web and found this wonderful site! You're AWESOME!!!! xxxooo Naomi


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