Monday, April 30, 2012

as most of you know i have just completed a wonderful kickstarter project..with over 150 pieces going around the world...literally....this is what i found in my inbox yesterday....this is the first 'blah' note i have gotten out of over 150 pieces....why do i want to slice my wrists?  art for the sake of making art?  ouch!
"Dear Lottimarie,
I didn't expect much for ten dollars, but really!  The colors are dark and muddy.  Nothing artful here."
her second email was even better calling me 'a real piece of work, and not art work'...i was no longer undone...if she had the  time to respond twice in a negative way?  she is off my list of concerns for today....the feedback from other supporters has been unbelievable...thank you thank you thank you....
i did try to figure out what piece she got....not quite sure...but she was near the end of the project and i was doing a series like the one pictured here...and i have to say that when i played in my studio this morning i did lighten up my color is funny how we are affected by other people isn't it?  
so this morning i am praying for her happiness and the happiness of the people around her....i did apologize to her...'sorry you did not like the piece,which one was it?'  i have pictures of so many happy art collectors from this project....i guess she will not be sending me a picture...oh to create dark and muddy art...I LOVE IT!!!


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