Sunday, April 29, 2012

oh yes i did!

i bought a houseboat this week!  i am so very, very excited!  one of my sons and his fiancee are going to be live aboards for about six months and then i hope to convert it into a 'floating art center'...i will be teaching mixed media classes on a floating studio...what?  is that amazing or what?  it is docked in the benicia marina and it has everything i will need for a learning center...running water, coffee maker, bathroom and good light....i am so very excited about this next adventure!!!
if you have any interest in taking some fun mixed media classes, or teaching classes... on the water...stay in touch!
have a great day!
too excited to sleep!


  1. Wow. Well, sign me up once you get it all up and running! Sounds like fun! xoxo

    1. WOW. Like a fantasy come true!

      Congratulations.& good luck with dreams come true! :^)

    2. we are going to have a 'Miracles on a Houseboat' hope....i will keep in touch...

  2. Love your enthusiasm and the inspiration I receive from you! I am ready for a houseboat party!!!


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