Thursday, August 9, 2012

one week of computer freedom comes to an end!

i just completed week four in 'the artist's way' by julia is a week of reading deprivation...since i am not much of a reader and reading is not much of a distraction...i chose computer deprivation....yesterday i chose to call it 'computer freedom'...i have totally enjoyed my week that has been computer free....well...not the first few days...i was like an addict having withdrawal symptoms...but by today i was not even sure i wanted to jump back in...but here i am....i will be changing some things about my computer time...once in the morning and once at night...really....nothing happens during the day that will need my immediate attention..right?  so i have created alot of fun be posted at a later date...but what was amazing to me is that i spent more time with friends and loved ones...i was definitely more grounded and i have had meditation time that is allowing me to get in touch with some truths about where i stand in trust and faith...loving the growth...i am learning to trust myself and my higher power more everyday....when i start to cross a street...i have faith that i am going to make it to the other side of the street....i really do not expect anything outrageous to happen so that i do not make it....why do i have soooo many doubts about my daily life....i need to trust that what i deserve...i will receive....a life lesson for sure...but i am ready....i am ready to have MORE good stuff in my be able to share that MORE with my loved ones...i am sick and tired of struggling....i am over will practice asking for what i want and listen carefully to the has been an amazing computer free week~~~


  1. Yes! You go Lorri Marie. I love you! Thanks for sharing.

    1. amy my love....there you are!!! i love you too!!!


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