Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun with Resin!

my friend Kristen Cumings does Jelly Belly Art...yes...for the Jelly Belly Company (check it out...AMAZING!!)...any way...i told her i wanted to play with resin and she handed me a kit of the resin she seals her jelly belly art work with....well....away we go!
i am teaching a resin class tomorrow and i cannot wait!  we are filling secret compartment books with secret treasure sealed in resin!  so of course i needed to play a bit more so i filled this little gift box with wings, a girl and some polka is hard to see but it is actually dimensional...resin and images poured in layers...i LOVE it!  and THEN i made a mold from a little doll that my husband had created out of glass...and made my own little resin doll for the top of the box, (along with some vintage buttons) i got some little wooden boxes for my students to play with as well...i love playing with new mediums!
have a delicious friday!

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