Sunday, September 16, 2012

Playing with Resin in Class

we had a great day setting things in resin yesterday....a box, a book and mold making!  first we started out with yogurt parfaits, a delightful pear crumble pastry, pineapple spritzers and coffee.  then onto learning techniques with clear resin, secret compartment books and treasures brought from  home.  while those set up a bit we made our own molds with putty and some more treasures.  molds of dolls, elephants, keys...yipppeee!  then more resin pours, of course!  for lunch we dined outside in my magical gardens.  tuna salad on a bed for mixed greens that were drizzled with a mustard balsamic dressing, minted fruit salad and a chocolate hazelnut pastry delight, with an infused sweet orange iced tea....  ahhhh.....back to creating more resin treasures in our secret compartment books.  the day was wonderful and i thank my amazing students for bringing so much light into my life!!!
enjoy the rest of your weekend....and take time to create something fun today!


  1. Oh Lorri, everything looks great and as for the culinary part of the workshop, all I can say is "YUM!" I love tuna fish..did you know that was Julia Childs favorite!!?? Whoda thunk it!!

    I would love to work with resin, but I'm afraid of it. The last time I was exposed to it, I was still in school. I developed this awful headache, not knowing it was the result of the resin cubes sitting in front of me during this student's crit. My prof instructed her to immediately remove her project and put it away since it was affecting some of the other students. Maybe she used an industrial type of resin, one that might have been purchased at a hardware warehouse type of store...don't know. I've seen resin at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, but again, I'm still a bit hesitant to try it. Any advise?

    Have a great week and thanks for your very kind comment. Like you, I'm awful about coming to blogger and updating my posts, let alone, reading others. Thankfully, we can stay in touch through FB, but I do love reading about my lovely blogger friend's lives and what creativity they're up to...FB doesn't provide that kind of venue.


    1. the resin i am using...thankfully...has NO odor at all....ahh...give it another try! maybe outdoors tho if you are super sensitive...which, of course you are...tee hearing from you!
      and ofcourse you can always come and take a workshop...i think another resin one will be in that would be fun!!!
      xoxo and yes...see you on FB love that!

  2. Yesterday really was fact, there was more fun than we had time for!!!!!!! Can't wait to finish up the projects we started so I can do some more. My son even started trying to give me ideas - which I'd already thought of but didn't want to disappoint him so I pretended that they were new ideas ;-) I really and truly enjoy our classes each week and am grateful for all of your encouragement in helping me break out of the box!!!! You rock, LM.

    Big hugzzzzzzz


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