Wednesday, September 5, 2012

getting a start on the Guerilla Art Project

as you MUST know by now i have launched a project through kickstarter to raise enough money to help as many artists get back in touch with themselves by creating fun guerilla art.  what can be more fun than getting together with lots of other artists and creating silly art that is meant to bring smiles to the public, right?  so we are creating 1,000 pieces in 90 days (if the project is a success) last night i made 3 new pieces of mixed media ready to add to the goal!  yes, there are some other things that i could have been doing...but...guerilla art is SO MUCH FUN!  i hope you can support the project AND i hope you can be one of the participating artist is someone that creates things of in my eyes...we are ALL artists...come and play...maybe even give up a fancy coffee drink for a day and pledge $5.00 to
have a wonderful creative day!

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